Alligator in the Pond

Please be aware that there is an alligator in the pond. It appears he has become quite comfortable and is getting out of the water to lay close to homes on the banks of the pond.

 Be very aware if walking in this area and also be very careful with pets and children that may be back in that area. If everyone could just mention this to anyone they see that might be back in that area it would be very much appreciated.   

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Statewide Alligator Nuisance Hotline has been contacted. (#682-881) In the future everyone may want to note this phone number, if you want to report large gators that may be a threat (1-866-392-4286).   We have been informed that the trapper will contact us within 24 hours and they have 45 days (length of permit) to remove the gator. 

Alligator on lawn

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