Trash & Recycling

Towne Place, Tampa Florida

hc-logo-horizontalFor detail information on what can be recycled please visit the Trash and Recycling page on the Hillsborough County website. 

Pickup Schedule

  • Garbage collection day is Wednesday and Saturday (black bin)
  • Recycling collection day is Wednesday (blue bin)
  • Yard waste collection day is Wednesday (curbside – no change)

All Residents Must:

  • Keep carts at least 3 foot away from other carts, mailboxes, cars, fire hydrants and utility poles
  • Place carts with the arrows pointing toward the street
  • No Street Parking! If you are parked on the street, this will affect pick up of your neighbor’s trash
  • They will NOT pick up your trash if these procedures are not followed.

Please try to be considerate and follow all the new guidelines!

All Trash cans must be stored out of site on non-trash pick-up days (put behind fence, garage, etc.)